Kerrin (redheaded_itch) wrote in eastcoast_music,

Joel Plaskett Emergency New Year's Eve Weekend!

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet for New Year's Eve at the Marquee with the lovely JPE, you might want to get on that. They sell out fast! Check out their site for all the details, plus where to buy tickets. There is a warning going out off that site, though. A bunch of tickets for the shows were stolen from a MusicStop location and the numbers have been recorded, so don't buy tickets off some dude on the street or you'll likely get arrested for Grand Theft Ticket.

I have it on good authority that a band from my high school, The Foxy Wolves, have won a spot to open for the JPE at the all-ages show on the 30th (which I'll be attending and reviewing in full). Go out and support them, buy their EP, all sources say they're a good group of guys. Also supporting are a band called Autumn Storm and JPE friends The Golden Dogs.

Don't miss out, these guys throw one hell of a party.
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