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Alas, how the clubs of Halifax are quick to fall!

First it was the Marquee, now it's Stage Nine. After being the home stage for a number of alternative and independent acts in the past few years, the Nine has finally gone under due to financial difficulties. It was run by Greg Clark who also worked with the Marquee, the venue to book in Halifax, which closed its doors to regular acts last year (for the same reason). The Marquee now opens on an act-by-act basis for bands coming through town which are too large to be hosted at smaller clubs, and too small for an arena setting. The fate of the Nine doesn't look quite as bright, though there's no word yet on what will replace the club.

Forget all the other illnesses plaguing our region for a second. Right now we are faced with an epidemic that's closing all our clubs: apathy. Clubs are being closed down because of lack of attendance to shows. These are your bands, people! Come out and show them that someone listens to them! Support the local music scene and local business while you're at it! Halifax has one of the most close-knit music communities around and it's something to celebrate. The more clubs continue to close, the more you have to rely on the pubs and clubs that only run set acts that appear day in and day out for your musical fix. There's no fun in that. Give the promoters of independent music, and more importantly, the makers of independent music a chance.

More information on Stage Nine's closing can be found here, on the webpage for The Coast. Information about the club owner, Greg Clark and his contributions to the Halifax music scene can also be found there.
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